highlight reels.

In today’s society we are constantly comparing ourselves to the highlight reels of everyone around us. We are constantly posting about our lives..but only the good parts. We post the pictures and words that convince the world that we are living this perfect life with perfect friends going to the perfect parties. We post bright, colorful, never-actually-candid pictures that convince others that we have it all. Social media gives us a chance to change how people view us. But does anyone actually believe that we have this perfect life?

YES. THEY DO. Ever wonder how random people become insta-famous? These people have the ability to capture the smallest moments or even non-existent moments and make their viewers believe the whole world is bright for them. Ever take a selfie? Ever take a selfie and look at the picture and kinda scare yourself? Real people aren’t flawless. Real people don’t have their make up perfectly done all the time. They don’t have the best clothes or travel to the most exotic places. They live through real time events, not through the “likes” of memories past.

These highlight reels that we see are not real and they hurt the success of our generation. We are competing against each other for the most “likes,” but what do those “likes” even mean? Do they give your life validation? Do they make you feel good? Special? Pretty? However they make you feel, you should realize that no one has the ability to make you feel less than you are. No “like” or “share” will change your worth. Regardless of how you seem to appear.

Social media has changed the way we see not only others, but ourselves. We look at these perfect people, comparing our lives to theirs and then we wonder why we are unhappy. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT REAL. We only see the tiny bit of their lives that they want us to see. They have full control over how we view them. We compare every detail of our lives to theirs without realizing that we are only seeing a portion of the big picture. They only post what makes them look good.

This world has turned into a competition of who can get the most “likes” and the sad part is, a majority of our generation defines their worth based on their social media profiles. It’s hard to go online and not compare yourself to everyone you see. But..life is not a competition. You do not need to be validated through what you post online. No one has a perfect life and portraying yourself as if you do will only drag you into the craze of needing to be accepted and needing to get the best picture to post. We waste so much of our time and energy on getting the best shot. Stop. ENJOY THE MOMENT. You never know how many moments you have left.


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