late night thoughts.

I hate being awake when the rest of the world is fast asleep. Or I guess more like I hate being awake by myself. Something about the dark shadows make the thoughts you never thought you’d think come to the light. Being alone there is much opportunity for negative thinking to take over. For some reason nothing feels as safe at night. The actions we take are impulsive and the words we speak and shaded by the absence of the sun. It’s a time when mistakes are made and hearts are broken. It’s a time when nothing seems to matter anymore. A feeling a resilience takes ahold inside of you and the dynamic thoughts of being free make your heart race. Nothing good ever happens at night. At least not by the hearts that hold half the moon in their wake. Some of us were born darker than the others.


One thought on “late night thoughts.

  1. You can grab a hold of the light inside. There is a small still voice that is positive and loving and can overpower you with peace. The Alpha wave.


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